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Volume 8 Issue 1                         January – March 2020


A Review on Congestion Management Using Genetic Algorithm

Country- INDIA

Sandeep Patil

Abstract: Congestion management is a major challenge in front of system operators particularly in deregulated system. Now a day’s power system is undergoing the process of deregulation everywhere to fulfill the increased demand, by inducing competition in electricity market and for the better utilization of distributed generating units. Various conventional and latest optimization techniques like nonlinear programming (NLP), dynamic programming (DP), quadratic programming (QP), Lagrange relaxation method, genetic algorithm (GA), ant colony optimization (ACO), bee colony optimization (BCO) etc.

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Sandeep Patil. A Review on Congestion Management Using Genetic Algorithm. International Research Journal of Engineering & Applied Sciences, IRJEAS, 8(1), pp. 01-04, 2020.