Volume 2 Issue 4                        October – December 2014

Case Study on Cold Air Distribution of a Data Centre [pp 01-05]
A.S. Chandel, Prabhash Jain, Dr. Anil Kumar
Abstract: Every organisation needs to use modern technology to efficiently manage all its functions encompassing procurement; inventory control; design, production planning and control; manufacturing; transport and shipping; human resources; marketing and sales etc. To perform these functions, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is adopted as integrated package. Hardware, software and supporting infrastructure is housed in a building called Data Centre (DC).

Comparative Analysis of Voltage profile Enhancement using “FACTS” Devices. [pp 06-10]
Hirdesh Chaturvedi, Paramjeet Kaur
Abstract: As per the current situation of the power demand all over the world we would be aspect to be a great time with quality power. There is dependency over electricity of everybody becomes electrical system as much as efficient to provide us quality power every time. In Electrical system voltage profile enhancement are necessary. The countries like India with increasing demand of electric power day by day it is difficult to expand the existing transmission system due to difficulties in right of way and cost problem in transmission network expansion. So, we need power flow controllers to ….

Single Phase Grid Connected Seven Level Photovoltaic Inverter using PI Controller [pp 11-15]
Nidhi Doorwar, Paramjeet Kaur
Abstract: This paper presents a grid connected single phase seven level inverter fed by a photovoltaic cell with PI closed loop controller. The PV effect is the most important, renewable and sustainable way because solar energy is a never ending source of energy. In this inverter topology a switching pulse width modulation (PWM) technique used with three identical reference signals and one carrier signal as a triangular waveform. A PI closed loop control scheme is implemented for constant sinusoidal voltage level with the rapid change in load conditions. The inverter gives the seven level output voltage which can be expressed as Vdc, 2Vdc ….

Heat Exchanger Design Optimisation [pp 16-22]

Jain Gaurav, Singh Akhil
Abstract – In this paper, an optimized model of Shell and Tube Parallel Flow Heat Exchanger of water and oil type is proposed using C++ programming language. Shell and tube heat exchangers are of special importance in boilers, oil coolers, condensers, pre-heaters etc. They….


Jain Lalit, Sharma Shreya
Abstract – In day today life because of lack energy resources man move towards renewable energy source .When we go towards solar system it can use the sun energy to boil water or to generate electricity. Our aim is to develop a system which uses solar energy in both form thermal and solar form. The Hybrid Solar Solution is able to produce more electricity than PV, more reliable hot water than solar thermal, and heating at a better….