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Volume 2 Issue 3                         July – September 2014

A Comparative Study Based on ANSYS Analysis of Existing Sprocket’s Material …. [pp 01-07]
Afzal Yasir, Jha Vandana, Mohapatra Anil
Abstract: In this dissertation work, we are trying to replace the material of sprockets of motorcycle by plastic material. I have been searching perfect and suitable plastic material which can replace the existing material of sprockets. For this, I have deeply studied about some high performance plastic materials termed as POLYETHER-ETHERKETON (PEEK), POLYIMIDE (PI), POLYPHENYLENESULFIDE(PPS), regarding the existing sprocket material……

Development of Composition of Composite Material Used For Automotive …. [pp 08-13]
Bhuneriya Arun, Dr. Rajvaidya Rohit, Pandey P.K.
Abstract: As per regulation of Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India Transport Engineering regarding automotive vehicle brake lining material Part I and part II Specification and material and their range is made available under IS 2772 to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law. In this work rang and material for development of brake liner composition has been taken as per IS code 2472 applicable on automotive brake liner

Investigation on Properties of Reinforced Aluminium Matrix Composites – A Review [pp 14-20]
Mahore Sandeep, Dr. Rajvaidya Rohit, Dr. Purohit Rajesh, Kohli D.K.
Abstract: Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) sought over other conservative materials in the field of aerospace and automotive applications owing to their excellent improved properties. These materials are of much interest to the researchers from few decades. These composites initially replaced Cast Iron and Bronze alloys but owing to their poor wear and seizure resistance, they were subjected to many experiments and the wear behavior of these composites were explored to a maximum extent and were reported by number of research scholars for the past 20 years. In this paper an attempt has been made to consolidate some of the aspects

The Wireless Network Localization Techniques [pp 21-26]
Sultan Shazia, Sultan Nazia
Abstract: The WSN to the passive localization and tracking of non-cooperative targets has been proposed by exploiting the pervasive and low-cost nature of such technology and the properties of the wireless links which are established in a meshed WSN infrastructure. Wireless sensor network localization is an important area that attracted significant research interest. This interest is expected to grow further with the proliferation of wireless sensor network applications. This paper provides an overview of the measurement techniques in sensor network localization and the one-hop localization algorithms based ….

Optimization of Thermal Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Green Shade Nets …. [pp 27-32]
Khatik Ravikant, Dr. Rajvaidya Rohit, Dr. Nema Ajay
Abstract: To cover agricultural structures and living for protecting plants and peoples from high solar radiation in hot and sunny regions different types of shading nets are used. In summer, the amount of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) transmitted through these nets usually fulfills plant growth requirements. However, the life of shade nets is still unknown. It is very important to find out the life time prediction of shade nets for its economical and efficient use. This paper presents a simple method to estimate the life time prediction by calculating the different ….

Design and Analysis of Spur Gear to Reduce Stresses on Teeth [pp 33-38]
Afzal Yasir, Jha Vandana
Abstract: This paper describes Stress and drop analysis of a Spur gear. Gears are usually used for transmitting power. They build up high stress concentration at the root and the point of contact. The continuous stressing on the fillets causes the fatigue failure of gear tooth. The main objective of this study is to add round shaped holes to reduce stress attention. A finite element model of Spur gear with a segment of three teeth is measured for analysis and stress concentration reducing holes of various sizes are ….

Transient Stability Enhancement using Unified Power Flow Controller …. [pp 39-46]
Kashiv Aastha, Dr. Rajeshwari C.S.
Abstract: Recent blackouts in different countries have illustrated the very important and vital need of more frequent and thorough power system stability. A sincere effort has been made to introduce a MATLAB/SIMULINK model for transient stability enhancement using one of the FACTS devices Unified Power Flow Controller. This paper presents a three different conditions i.e. pre fault, with fault, and with UPFC (steady state, LLG fault, and after fault with UPFC). Analysis of results with the help of graphical representation of rotor angle deviations i.e. delta1-2, delta1-3 and delta2-3 have been found out by varying the Fault clearing time. Any of these configurations can effectively be incorporated in a MM system ….

Radar Pulse Compression Using LM Neural Network [pp 47-51]
Khan Sana, Pawar Shailendra Singh
Abstract: High range resolution and short duration pulses obtain range accuracy in radar system. If radar is working with sufficiently narrow pulse widths, then it has the ability to perform limited target classification. But to detect targets over long ranges by using short pulses, a high peak power is required to obtain large pulse energy. Also, a reduction in pulse width reduces the maximum range of radar. Pulse compression in radar achieves the energy of a long pulse and the resolution of a short pulse simultaneously, without the requirement of a high energy short duration ….

Sensorless Speed Estimation of Induction Motor [pp 52-56]
Koshti Akanksha, Barve Amol
Abstract: In this paper, a method of speed identification for sensorless induction motor-drive based on MRAS, a model reference adaptive system is proposed. The adaptive full order observer based on IM equation is used to estimate stator currents and rotor flux. Lyapunav’s stability criterion is employed to estimate rotor speed. The same algorithm reduced from Lyapunov’s stability criterion is provided to estimate the stator resistance, which results in the speed estimation error. It is clear from the results of simulation that the motor speed is controlled well at very low speeds. The proposed ….

A fuzzy logic based static synchronous series compensator (SSSC) …. [pp 57-60]
Raghuwanshi Sourabh, Jhala A.K.
Abstract: In this paper the performance of SSSC (static synchronous series compensator) is reviewed so that the utilization of this FACT device can be carried out. Implementation will be done in a long transmission line for the power transmission enhancement with the sensitivity parameter improvement using the approaches of fuzzy logic based controller. In this paper fuzzy logic implementation will also be reviewed.

Multiphase converter with output impedance correction circuit (OICC) based on … [pp 61-66]
Sharma Brijesh, Barve Amol, Gupta Rohit Kumar
Abstract: An ideal peak current-mode control (PCMC) is only dependent on the dc or average inductor current. It can be done by PID controller with PWM generator. And all this arrangement is called output impedance correction circuit (OICC). The inner current loop turns the induct or into a voltage- controlled current source, effectively removing the inductor from the outer voltage control loop at dc and low frequency. It is used to control the output impedance of converter or inverter circuits. We are using a single universal bridge just to reduce the size. In the proposed model ….

C-Means Unsupervised Classification Using CART [pp 67-71]
Sultan Shazia, Nayak Amar
Abstract: Data Mining is a field of search and researches of data. Mining the data means fetching out a piece of data from a huge data block. The basic work in the data mining can be categorized in two sub sequent ways. One is called classification and the other is called clustering. Although both refers to some kind of same region but still there are differences in both the terms. The classification of the data is only possible if you have modified and identified the clusters. In the field of data mining, classification is the very important techniques to find out new patterns. K-nearest neighbor algorithm is most usable methods of classification. However, individually they face few challenges, such as, time utilization and inefficiency for very large databases. The current paper attempts to use the K-nearest ….

Design and Analysis of Water Tube Boiler Drum with Radiator Attachment [pp 72-75]
Jain Abhishek, Arya Abhishek, Shrivastava Ashish Kumar
Abstract: In the present scenario energy crisis is a severe problem across the world. For the protection of environment and to maintain natural balance, energy saving is one of the most essential issue from the view point of fuel expenditure. Therefore, it is essential that we should concentrate on producing more heat by using same amount of fuel by making significant and concrete efforts. In this paper main objective of the researcher is to study and analyze the feasibility of system so that it can help to produce more heat energy for steam generation. An attempt has been made for easy approach of more heat energy, which is being generated by a furnace system by using Radiator technique. The heat is used to produce steam for boiler Feed. The demand & supply and storage requirement ….