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Volume 1 Issue 3                        July – September 2013

Matrix Converter and its Basic Apprehension [pp 1-6]

Dubey Sakshi, Barve Amol

 Abstract:Matrix converter is a three phase to three phase AC-AC conversion topology with no charge up circuit i.e electrolytic capacitor. The Matrix Converter has various advantages in comparison with conventional converters. The matrix converter has less number of switches and low cost and no bulky configuration. This paper presents a technical review on various topologies of matrix converter, current commutation technique, control and modulation strategies demonstrating ….

An Experimental Analysis of Automatic Side Stand [pp 7-13]
Kumar Arun, Asati Ankur, Chaubey Anshuman, Gupta Sunil Kumar
Abstract: Side stand in two wheelers function the entire weight of the vehicle when it is parked. They are perfect on quick stops when one needs to leave the vehicle for a short while. They are provided with a spring that pulls it back into position to ensure extra safety. Sometimes the person who drives the two wheeler may forget to release the side stand. This will tend to unwanted danger and lack of concentration ….

Power Utilization Through Braking System [pp 14-16]
Kumar Arun
Abstract: Brake is a device for slowing or stopping the motion of a machine or vehicle and to keep it from starting to move again. The kinetic energy lost by the moving parts is usually translated to heat by friction. Alternatively, in regenerative braking, much of energy is recovered and stored in a flywheel capacitor or turned into alternating current by an alternator, then rectified and stored in a battery for later use. Power Utilization through braking system should not be confused with dynamic braking which dissipates the recaptured electrical ….